Pilates Classes – New Fitness Mantra

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As J.H. Pilates has rightly quoted, “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”. Most of us agree, “Health is wealth”. No amount of money can buy you a good health. Pilates is like a bible of health and is for everybody no matter what your age, body type or current fitness level, also it is a safe and effective whole body workout.

Personal coaching is the ideal Pilates learning experience. Pilates classes are universally accepted. The instructors are trained professionals. Individual training and attention is given to you as per your requisite. Attending a class or taking a personal coaching helps you to learn right and gain confidence. Attending classes allows you to:

Enjoy and learn more from other and discuss your individual goals, health history and motivation. Your instructor can design an individual workout and can judge and assess your alignment, core control, overall strength and flexibility. You get more motivated working in a group and at the same time build a respectful, nurturing relationship.

Your instructor can make a successful Pilates plan for you and also you can be checked if going wrong with your workout. They monitor your improvement and provide posture feedback, encourage and challenge your skill level. In all they accommodate your limitations.

Pilate instructor brings a wonderful mix of dedication, enthusiasm and creativity to their teaching. They are dedicated to their client’s well being and personal growth. The instructors are well versed in the original teachings of Joseph Pilates and equally knowledgeable in modern exercise principles. The unique environment of the class is designed to enhance body, mind and spirit of all adults, regardless of fitness level and movement experience.

Pilates is a very popular form of exercise worldwide. Pilates studio conducting regular classes are spread all around. Some of the most popular and recommended ones are:

o Finetune Pilates studio
o Performing Arts Physical therapy (the Pilates studio of LA)
o Aberdeen Pilates studio
o Reformation studio (CA)
o Studio Darien
o Power flow studio
o Studio lotus
o Phit Pilates studio (physical health integrative training)

The Pilates classes provide a tranquil atmosphere that encourages you to let go of your daily stress, focus on yourself and achieve your health and fitness goals. The instructor guide through each lesson, insure optimal alignment, proper breathing and safe and efficient movement. The ultimate goal of Pilates classes is to leave you rejuvenated, relaxed, more confident and comfortable in your body.


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