Pilates Home Gym-Learn The Incredible Benefits That Pilates Can Have On Your Health

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A Pilates home gym can be one of the most effective tools
to achieving your fitness goals. Instead of having to travel to the local
fitness center to do these great workouts, having a home gym is an even more
effective method to enjoying the incredible benefits of Pilates because you
don’t have to travel to do it. Here are some of the many benefits that a
Pilates home gym can perform for your health.

Pilates is an exercise that has actually been around since
the early 20th century, although it is just beginning to gain
popularity in the mainstream fitness arena. Pilates focuses on your body core
muscles which include your back, abdominals, buttocks and inner thigh muscles.
These muscles are among the most important to ensuring that you stay fit and
healthy throughout your life.

One of the many health benefits of Pilates is that it helps
to relive tensions. It accomplishes this primarily by helping you perform deep
breathing exercises.

Deep breathing exercises are among the best to help relieve
your stress, because your breathing habits actually play a huge role in
determining your overall mental state. When you are breathing heavier, you are
subconsciously telling your mind that something’s wrong; when your breathing is
smoother and slower, your body and mind relaxes.

Another key component of Pilates is that it teaches proper
stretching habits, and increases your flexibility. Quite simply, most people do
not work out nearly enough, and lead very sedentary lives. When they do decide
to exercise, they are very injury prone due to a lack of flexibility.

When they start moving their body in ways their muscles and
joints aren’t used to, the body is strained and they wind up pulling a muscle.
These can easily be avoided with some simple stretching exercises, which Pilates

A Pilates ball can be a great enhancer to your Pilates home
gym, because it focuses on your body’s core muscles and helps them achieve
balance and coordination. The balls are very instable, forcing you to focus on
balance and coordination while performing the workouts.

The ball is not just good for helping you attain greater
balance and coordination; performing your workouts on the ball will have the
added effect of reducing the shock to your joints that you might experience if
working out on the floor. This is an even greater method to ensure that you
enjoy a safe and injury free workout. Having a ball is not essential for
Pilates exercises; they are for more advanced users.

If you feel you are ready for one, a Pilates ball is
definitely worth the investment. When picking a ball, choose it according to
your height and weight to achieve the maximum benefit from the workout.

Also, you don’t just need to use a Pilates ball during
workouts; using it in your day to day activities can have a tremendous affect on
your overall posture. Whenever you sit down during the course of the day, try
sitting on the Pilates ball.

When you sit on a chair or sofa, you naturally slump due to
the ease and comfort of the furniture; with the Pilates ball, you are forced to
sit with good posture because of the balls imbalance. Therefore, you can
actually improve your overall health without even working out.

You now have the information necessary to benefit from a
Pilates work out; the choice to get started is up to you. A
Pilates home gym offers a great benefit to you and your health; now it’s up
to you to take action.